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The Team

Gerardo Samayoa 


Gerry Samayoa is the founder and CEO of Elite Promotions. After taking over as the Marketing Director for Real SoCal and helping the club grow into one the nation’s biggest youth soccer clubs, Gerry decided to set out on his own and use his expertise to develop the careers and businesses of those around him. His time spent in the soccer world has shown Gerry first-hand just how powerful a development first strategy can be for individuals…Now he wants to use that same ethos to help build your business.

When he’s not busy running Elite Promotions, Gerry is coaching his boys soccer team, traveling, volunteering in his community, and preparing for the senior PGA tour.


Jake Castillo is the head of marketing at Elite Promotions. After graduating from USC with a Masters in Communication Management and entering the world of management consulting, Jake partnered with Gerry to build Elite Promotions. Jake’s marketing background and knack for copywriting makes him an invaluable asset to the work we do here at Elite Promotions. 

Outside of the office, Jake’s passions include reading, writing, and photography. He also maintains an open schedule, should Arsenal FC ever ask him to fill in one weekend at outside back.


Pablo García


Pablo García is a graphic designer at Elite Promotions. After graduating from the San Carlos University of Guatemala “USAC” in 2015, he began to undertake his profession as a Bachelor of the subject, throughout his university career and his professional life has led to experience in Illustrations, Edition Image, Video Editing, Photography, Web Design among other skills. With his experience he is an important element for the Elite Promotions team.

In his free time, he is passionate about continuing to learn more about graphic design trends that change day by day, playing the guitar, he is a cinephile and a song collector. He loves sports like Baseball, American Football, and Soccer.