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Who We Are

Elite Promotions was founded with one simple goal in mind: To help businesses develop.

Be it through brand development, social media development, web development, or something else entirely, we at Elite Promotions help businesses become the best they can be.

Each member of the Elite Promotions staff believes in this ethos wholeheartedly. Founder and CEO, Gerry Samayoa first fell in love with development as a youth soccer coach. Having had the opportunity to help young inexperienced soccer players develop into professional level athletes showed Gerry firsthand that so long as an individual is trained and developed properly, even the most disadvantaged can rise to the top of their field or industry.

Much like Gerry, lead graphic designer and web developer, Pablo Garcia has also spent his the majority of his professional career focused on development. As a graphic designer and web developer, Pablo takes great pride in helping businesses create the perfect “look” and “aesthetic” for their brand. To truly achieve this, Pablo has mastered the art of synthesizing business objectives with brand personality and industry standards.

Rounding out our team is marketing specialist, Jake Castillo, who has spent that past 3 years in management consulting helping some of the world’s biggest brands launch pilot programs and products. This experience has taught Jake how to use big data to create actionable insights and recommendations for clients in easily digestible data visualization tables that will arm even the most statistically adverse individuals with the information they need to drive their businesses forward.

When looked at in a vacuum, Gerry, Pablo and Jake could not have more disparate backgrounds. However, upon further analysis it easy to see how these three came together: they all share an unwavering desire to help people develop into something more than just themselves.

We at Elite Promotions want to help every business achieve every one of their goals. 

We want to help you become Elite.

Let’s get to work.